About Lapland Brewery

Lapland Brewery is located in the Arctic Circle and heart of Lapland – city of Rovaniemi, Finland. Lapland Brewery has been founded on year 2016, but history of the beer brewing in Rovaniemi goes back to 1933. Before Lapland Brewery, the last beer was brewed in Rovaniemi in 1972. For now, Lapland Brewery is independent handcraft brewery with capacity up-to 300 000 liters.

Lapland Brewery products are available mainly in Lapland, but also in whole Finland. All over the Finland we have more than 400 partners, among them shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and many beer events. Lapland Brewery brand is strong and wanted also outside of the Lapland area.

Lapland Brewery vision is to be one of the most attractive beer brands in Finland. Naturally clean, malty body, hopped in style, unfiltered are just few of our values in our beer. Top quality is not negotiable, but need to remember, that beer was, is and will be matter of Taste. Ecology is also our responsibility, thus we care about it and looking for best ways to be energy, waste and otherwise ecologically friendly brewery.

Lapland Brewery has own cozy Brewery shop. We do not have our own tap room since beer is available in almost every bar in the city and beyond. This is where you can enjoy your fresh glass of beer. Ask for your favorite.

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