In Lapland Brewery we do appreciate and follow old German purity law while brewing our beer. We have noticed, that beer brewed under Reinheitsgebot (purity law, enforced since 1516, and it limits the ingredients used to brew beer to water, barley (or malt) and hops tastes natural, is easy to brew and no need for any addition to get naturally clean beer. In addition, beer is vegan free.

We do not filter the beer, nor use any addition to the beer. Instead, we use slow brewing process of 6-8 weeks which ensures cleaner taste, better structure and clean, bright in your glass.

Our beers are designed to be great company for your lunch or dinner, snack time, sauna, at the bonfire, or just hang out with your friends. It is thanks to our gentle hopping of the beer.

  • bottle size is 0,33 l for all our beers. Available single bottles (at the brewery shop) or 6 pack tasting set, or 24 bottle boxes.
  • Also keg beer available, please ask more from
  • Best before date of our beer is 12 months from the bottling date.
  • Shipping for free to you on orders more than 5 boxes (120 bottles, only to corporate customers with alcohol licence)

Lapland Brewery has experience in private label beer brewing. Please contact Arturs Dutka or our sales team for more information. Following team of private beers could be found from the market:

  • Lumi Ale (only Lapland Hotels throughout the Finland)
  • Ylläs and Kesänki (only Jounin Kauppa, Äkäslompolo, Ylläs)
  • Pyhä-Luosto (only in Pyhä-Luosto area, K-market Pyhäntähti, Luoston Kauppa, Punakettu, Calle-talo, Sports Bar, Luosto Aurora, KSM Pohjantähti, Pyhä Asteli and Lucky Ranch)
  • Kouta (only in Levi Hotel Panorama and K5, Levi)
  • Rakas (only in Santapark and Rakas restaurant, Rovaniemi)
  • Hölmö IPA, Pub Hölmölä, K-market (those only in Levi), also in shops and bars in whole Finland
  • ROPS
  • Waskooli, made for Gold mining place at Tankavaara, Finland. Available elsewhere. Not anymore in production.
  • JosefK, made for Lapland University, Rovaniemi.


Our selection of beers throughout the year:


Please look at the private labels too for more choices for your world of taste.

Vegan Friendly

All beers, except Gielas are 100% vegan friendly beers.